Tiny Brooklyn Bedroom

Type: Single Room // Location: Brooklyn, New York // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This tiny bedroom in Williamsburg is furnished with high quality pieces, and the decor is carefully curated. It just goes to show that the eclectic look can be very masculine if done correctly.

Bedroom 1

bed | nightstand | axe

Lots of artwork and vertical storage make the most of the limited wall space. He’s even made clever use of the opening in the non-functional fireplace with the addition of storage baskets.

The white bedding is a smart choice for keeping the space looking bright and clean. There’s already plenty of color from the orange lamp and prints around the room.

Bedroom 4

Even if you can’t afford original art, a lot can be said for upgrading a poster with a nice frame. The wood tone of the frame adds some warmth to the room.

Bedroom 6

We’re impressed with the clever use of the limited storage space available. He’s added removable Command hooks all the way up a narrow wall to hold hats and biking supplies.

The other wall holds a collapsible hamper, which is perfect for hiding away when company is over. The high shelves and baskets hold everything he can’t store in the small closet.

Bedroom 3

wall shelf

More shelving is found over the live-edge desk. The wood adds some pattern and texture to the room and also looks cool.

Bedroom 2

 desk | desk lamp

He chose a modern chrome desk lamp which is the perfect foil to the organic desk. Underneath the desk is a tribal flat-weave rug, a great choice under a desk because you can easily slide your chair in and out.

The Danish wood chair is beautiful but competes too much with the desk–we’d pick something upholstered so the wood of the desk is the focus.

Bedroom 5

Your art collection doesn’t have to have a theme to look good. Similar colors in the prints or similar framing materials can make a disparate group feel like a planned out collection.