Tiny NYC Bedroom

Type: Single Room // Location: New York, New York // Source: SmallHome


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Your hard-earned cash doesn’t go too far in New York City, but this guy is making a tiny bedroom work for his lifestyle. It helps that he’s a pretty hardcore minimalist. We love the vertical and under-the-bed storage.


When dealing with a small space, it’s smart to keep everything monochromatic like he did with his desk, chair, and shelves. They all blend in with the wall and don’t take away from the exposed brick, which is a great feature no matter how small your place is.

He’s even got a pretty nice window and view by NYC standards. Yes, that’s the side of a building, but there’s still a good bit of natural light coming through.


desk | shelving | office chair

Don’t underestimate the magical powers of shelves paired with storage bins. You can fit a ton of stuff inside those things.

He’s using the open shelves to store his shoes and essentials. The desk space is beyond clean also houses the television. Keeping a space this small tidy is absolutely essential–any visual clutter will make the space feel smaller.


You have to get creative when faced with a space this small, making under the bed storage an absolute necessity. Since the office chair is on wheels, it’s simple to slide it out of the way to open the drawers.



He’s wisely selected a white bed to trick the eye into thinking the bed blends in with the wall. Neutral bedding in shades of beige and green provide a little bit of contrast without breaking up the space.


He’s hung a few prints above the bed, but we’ve got a better idea–a large mirror. Hanging a mirror would reflect the window and make the space feel a whole lot bigger.