Best Places to Buy Art and Photography Prints for Men

Whether you’re in a studio or a large house, you need some art to make your place feel like a home. We’ve rounded up the best places to buy art and photography from the comfort of your couch.

If you’re a DIY kind of guy, we’ve also found some great sites to download and print the art yourself. Don’t forget to frame your newly printed masterpiece for a finished look.

Option #1: Buy Prints

Here are the best places to buy prints online.

#1: Society6

This site has hundreds of independent artists selling unique pieces of art.


Society 6 does the printing and shipping and the artist gets a cut of the sales price, so you can feel good knowing you’re supporting an artist.

#2: Etsy

If you’re a site searching genius, then Etsy might be the place to get your art.


Since the site isn’t curated (meaning anyone can set up shop), you need to have a good eye and the patience to weed through some questionable choices. We have faith in you.

#3: Redbubble

Redbubble also has a large collection of independent artists peddling their wares.


You can narrow your choices by the type of art you want to hang, like a print or canvas, but you’ll have to scroll through a large collection since there aren’t any other search parameters.

#4: International Poster Gallery

This site has a huge collection of vintage posters from all over the world.


The options are endless and the prices are affordable. Bonus–it’s super easy to purchase ready-made poster frames for instant art gratification.

#5: 40 Fathoms

40 Fathoms is based in England and offers incredibly high-quality posters of unique prints.


Remember those lame posters you had on your walls growing up? These posters are the complete opposite of those. They’re grown-up and sophisticated but still affordable.

#6: Coco Lapine Design

This site is perfect if you’re a minimalist or if you’re easily overwhelmed by too many choices.


Bonus: Coco Lapine will ship anywhere in the world for free if you order two or more prints.

#7: Artfully Walls

Artfully Walls offers curated collections of art for those of us too busy to find a collection on our own.

gallery-wallYou can search completed gallery walls by price and style, check out, and wait for your completed gallery wall to arrive. It doesn’t get much easier than this, guys.

#8: Dwell Studio

Dwell Studio is known for offering modern, stylish furnishings and accessories, and their art collection is no exception.


The selection is small but changes often, and don’t forget your wallet – the prints can get pricey.

#9: Pure Photo

Have you ever wondered where interior designers find those amazing oversized photo prints?


Wonder no more – Pure Photo is the now not-so-secret source that interior designers use. They offer exceptional service and can make art selections for you.

Option #2: Print Your Own Art

Here’s where to get affordable (or free), printable artwork for your walls:

#1: Shortrun Posters

This site doesn’t have a minimum order amount and offers a quick turnaround time. If you’ve got a great photo or a self-made piece of art that you want blown up, this is your site. The prices are hard to beat, plus the web is full of images that are free to download.

#2: NASA Posters

You’ll still have to pay for printing the poster, but now that we’ve told you that Shortrun Posters prints things fast and cheap, you’ve basically got instant art at your fingertips.


This space travel poster collection is courtesy of NASA.

#3: Library of Congress

You can’t say the government never did anything for you once you start browsing this extensive catalogue of free images.


Just about anything you’re interested in is available, from architectural prints to historic photographs to political cartoons. Sucking whigs, indeed.

#4: National Gallery of Art

This vast collection of art is also courtesy of the US government. You can find more than 45,000 open access files for download and printing.

If you can’t find free art here that you like, we can’t help you.

#5: Primer Magazine

Primer Magazine offers up lots of free downloadable images to suit just about every style.


Where else can you find Ernest Hemingway holding a shotgun alongside motivational typography prints?

So there you have it – there’s officially no excuse to have bare walls in your home.

Now go forth and add some style to your space!