Young Man’s First Apartment

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About this Place

When a man gets his first apartment, he’s usually young and poor and naive. But this young man has done well with limited funds and space. We’d like to see where he lives when he’s 35…


bed | chair | rug | desk | office chair | desk lamp

The platform bed is placed in the window alcove to take maximum advantage of the light and the view. The bed has two large drawers underneath for extra storage. A dresser sits on the opposite wall.

The blue and white area rug fills the floor space and adds a lot of pattern. He chose a classic color palette for the apartment by sticking with red, white and blue.

When adding pattern through art and rugs, it’s a good idea to keep your bedding simple like he did here. The white doesn’t compete with the colors and patterns in the rest of the space.

One table tucked in the corner holds an extra blanket and reading lamp, and the desk is on the other side of the bed. He’s able to use the clip-on lamp for both  reading in bed and working on the computer.



Plain chrome hooks hold a backpack, sweatshirts, and headphones. Shoes are stored neatly on the floor. He’s also stored his knives and axe on the wall.

Vertical storage through hooks and shelves are the way to go when dealing with a small apartment. You’d be amazed by how much storage you can fit on a tall, narrow strip of wall space.


The travel posters also add lots of color and pattern to the room. You don’t need to spend a lot on art for your walls. These images can be downloaded for free and printed by an office supply store for just a few dollars.

Affordable frames are easy to come by at IKEA and other large home stores. For less than the cost of a burger and a beer, you can add a new print to your home.