Downtown Columbus Apartment

Type: Apartment // Location: Columbus, Ohio // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

Columbus may not be as notable as Chicago or New York, but it’s still a cool place to live. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this apartment.


First of all, the natural light in this apartment is unreal. Let’s take a moment to appreciate those windows!

The window view is a reminder that it can be cool living in a small city. Seeing some nice open sky is a nice change-up from seeing skyscrapers all around.


entertainment center | sofa | ottoman

The furniture is simple but nice. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to neutral colors.

The living area is a prime showroom for the natural light we mentioned earlier. Hopefully it doesn’t create a glare on the TV though.



The kitchen is pretty sweet. The cabinets are colored with a very rich stain, and the stainless steel appliances are a wise choice for the contemporary aesthetic.



headboard | duvet cover | pillow shamsColumbus map print

The furnishings and decor in the bedroom are minimal and unique enough to add a personal vibe. It’s not a typical IKEA-furnished bedroom, and that’s a good thing.

The whole apartment, but the bedroom in particular, is super clean. It’s easy for a dresser top to get cluttered so we can appreciate the look of the lone globe.

We don’t wanna sound like a broken record, but come on, guys, the natural light even reaches the bedroom. It’s pretty amazing.


This is a very well-furnished and organized bathroom. Well done to the gentleman living here.

In short, we love this apartment. The tenant has done an excellent job of creating a unique and functional pad.