It’s not about the “Man Cave”

It’s about creating a space that you love, no matter what kind of guy you are.

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Our Perspective

There seem to be two types of interior design content on the internet:

First, there are the DIY and home decor blogs that are mostly run by women and geared toward women. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – we love these sites and their creators!

But oftentimes men are looking for a slightly different aesthetic, which brings us to our second type of content: Man Cave stuff. Rustic, utilitarian, old school, no girls allowed, borderline tacky.

You’ve seen this, right? It’s the type of content that’s trying so hard to be “manly” in a very one dimensional kind of way. It assumes every guy wants a kegerator under the bar and football jerseys on the wall.

We started Manored to fill the space in between these two extremes. Our aesthetic leans neutral. After all, there’s nothing inherently masculine or feminine about interior design. We just prefer a more subdued, understated vibe.

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