Rustic Minneapolis Loft

Type: Loft // Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

Minneapolis isn’t known for its high cost of living, but this loft looks like it would break the average guy’s bank. Bravo to this gentleman for taking the time and initiative (and spending the cash) to remodel the entire place.

Seems like a worthy investment.

Living room 1 (after)

This place now has tons going for it. There’s polished concrete floors, super-high concrete ceilings, and exposed duct work.

He’s softened up all the hard surfaces by adding a comfortable looking sectional and shag rug. We like the blue accent wall and how he made the extra effort to add a couple of pillows in the same shade to the sectional. Well done, sir.

Kitchen 3 (after)

The kitchen is just as nice as the living area and has tons of space. The industrial look is continued in the here with the exposed brick wall that extends beyond the backsplash to the ceiling.

Three drop pendants over the island add some extra color to the space.

Kitchen 1 (after)

A large lantern hangs over the center of the kitchen and is a nice complement to the glass pendants. It’s totally fine to mix lighting styles when your space is as eclectic and open as this one is.

Kitchen 2 (after)

8-bit cutting board

Not one to shy away from color, he’s painted accent walls in both the kitchen and outside the bedroom. And check out that sliding industrial door–we’re officially envious.

Kitchen 4 (after)

The loft even has a decent sized entryway, seen here from the kitchen. He’s added some hooks to make up for the lack of a hall closet.

Bedroom 1(after)

The bedroom has more of those amazing wooden doors for the closet. He’s added a pair of small floating nightstands, freeing up space for the two bookcase towers. The color palette is kept neutral in here with cream bedding and walls.

Bedroom 2 (after)

Did we mention that the closet runs the entire length of the bedroom? Sometimes lofts can be skimpy with the closet space, but this one has it in spades.

Bedroom 3 (after)

A large leaning mirror bounces light around and helps visually expand the space.

Bathroom 2 (after)

The bathroom has the same reclaimed wood for the vanity base and surround. We like the continuity of material throughout the loft–it really gives the place a high-end look.

Bathroom 1 (after)

The tile in the shower has the same colors found in the wood and makes for a masculine looking-bathroom. We’re definitely impressed with the entire loft.