Vintage Adelaide Apartment

Type: Apartment // Location: Adelaide, Australia // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This Australian apartment has a worldly, eclectic vibe, thanks to lots of vintage maps and furniture that looks like it’s been collected over time. His houseplant collection is pretty impressive, too. We lost count after 15.


He’s added a large vintage map to add lots of pattern and color. A low profile sofa meets its match with an equally low-profile end table.

A simple way to make sure your tables are the right size for your sofa and chairs is to remember the 2 inch rule. You shouldn’t have to reach up higher or lower than a couple of inches to grab your drink.


The sofa is pushed up to the edge of the window seat, making it feel like one big piece of furniture. He’s added some throw pillows for color and a knit poof for propping up his feet.

A huge picture window lets in tons of natural light, which is important considering the number of plants he owns.



A Hamadan rug floats in the middle of the room. A rug this nice deserves proper room placement–he should move it in front of the sofa to ground the seating area.


A small dining table leaves plenty of room for a large wooden desk. He’s added another vintage map over the desk area and a thrift-store chic art collection above the built-in shelving.


Another large window lets in light on this side of the apartment, so of course he’s added a few more plants to the space.


A small glass desk lamp provides some task lighting but not enough. Your desk isn’t the right place to skimp on adequate task lighting–an upgrade is definitely in order.


See how much this guy loves plants? We can’t blame him with all the natural light in the kitchen. The simple white cabinetry is a nice contrast to the warmth of the butcherblock countertops.


He kept the bedroom simple with another pair of maps and striped bedding. A small chair does double duty as a nightstand. As long as the horizontal surface is comfortably reachable from the bed, any small chair or table can make a good nightstand.


Instead of the usual dresser, he opted to add a wall of simple bookshelves to the room for storage. This is a pretty genius concept because it holds a whole lot more than a dresser can.


The outdoor space is accessible from the kitchen and has (you guessed it) more plants and a small seating area. We like the addition of the Persian runner and think it makes the outdoor space feel like an extension of the inside.