Innovative Warehouse Studio

Type: Apartment // Location: Unknown // Source: AmateurRoomPorn


About this Place

This studio may be small, but it is very cool. It certainly shows that the tenant is an architect.


The living room has a sweet setup (rocking chair, anyone?). It’s a nice blend of rustic, contemporary and traditional. There’s plenty of seating and a decent sized TV.

Note the coffee table made of crates. It’s unique enough to be a great addition to the room, yet subtle enough to avoid being eccentric.


We’re a big fan of these floor to ceiling windows, and we’re guessing they’re original. They draw the eye towards the office which has a nice little set up with a simple wooden table and bench.

It was a good move for the tenant to stick with neutral colored walls in the office. The apartment has plenty of color as is due to some of the furnishings.


This whole apartment is awesome, but the kitchen really stands out in our opinion. It really has that extra kick of contemporary, and it seems super functional and well organized.

In total, this apartment is well-lit, well-furnished and a unique blend of styles.